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Manual Pallet Jack Parts
Pallet Jack Replacement Wheels
  1. American Lifts(2)
  2. Armstrong(5)
  3. Atlas(71)
  4. Baker(10)
  5. Big Joe(7)
  6. Bishamon(52)
  7. Blue Giant(158)
  8. Boman(27)
  9. BT Prime Mover(199)
  10. Caterpillar(19)
  11. Clark(46)
  12. Crown(140)
  13. Dayton Grainger(31)
  14. Doosan(3)
  15. Eagleman(36)
  16. Ecoa(18)
  17. Elwell Parker(2)
  18. ERGO(1)
  19. Global(14)
  20. Haul Master(1)
  21. Hu Lift(55)
  22. Hyster(4)
  23. Interthor(31)
  24. Jet(189)
  25. Jungheinrich(5)
  26. Jungheinrick(2)
  27. King(12)
  28. Liebherr(1)
  29. Lift Rite(228)
  30. Little Mule(2)
  31. Lo Jo(4)
  32. Lo Lift(5)
  33. Magnum(14)
  34. Marco Tiger(4)
  35. Mighty Lift(76)
  36. Mitsubishi(1)
  37. Mobile(144)
  38. Multiton(127)
  39. Noble Lift(4)
  40. Nutting(3)
  41. Pallet Jack(4)
  42. Pallet Mule(50)
  43. Palletmaster(34)
  44. Pramac(9)
  45. Premier(6)
  46. Prestolite(5)
  47. Raymond(9)
  48. Rol Lift(42)
  49. Superior(1)
  50. Total Source(3)
  51. Toyota(4)
  52. U Line(43)
  53. Ultra(11)
  54. Valu Jack(78)
  55. Valu Lift(6)
  56. Vestil(3)
  57. WanMax(2)
  58. Wesco(72)
  59. Wrangler(8)
  60. Yale(10)
  61. Advance(2)
  62. Allis Chalmers(34)
  63. Barrett(83)
  64. Cascade(6)
  65. Club Car(14)
  66. Columbia(9)
  67. Cushman(12)
  68. Davis(1)
  69. E Z Go(9)
  70. General Electric(1)
  71. Golf Cart(8)
  72. Intrupa(5)
  73. Kohler(1)
  74. Komatsu(19)
  75. Langsenkamp(1)
  76. Mercury Pettibone(3)
  77. Namco(2)
  78. Nissan(6)
  79. Noland(1)
  80. Nordskog(5)
  81. Pettibone(1)
  82. Schreck(26)
  83. Taylor Dunn(9)
  84. TCM(8)
  85. Tennant(2)
  86. White Mobilift(7)
  87. Yamaha(18)
  88. AGM(3)
  89. Albright(44)
  90. Anderson(77)
  91. Anthony(20)
  92. Baldwin(5)
  93. Barko(83)
  94. Bell(4)
  95. Bobcat(201)
  96. Cameco(30)
  97. Case(1586)
  98. CE GJN(1)
  99. Champ Luberfiner(1)
  100. Char Lynn(63)
  101. Commercial Hydraulics(2115)
  102. Cross(27)
  103. Custom Hoists Telescopics(715)
  104. Daewoo(10)
  105. Dresser(1)
  106. Drexel(14)
  107. Effer(15)
  108. Esco(10)
  109. Euclid(213)
  110. Fassi(25)
  111. Fiat Hitachi(1042)
  112. FMC(40)
  113. Fontaine(10)
  114. Ford(121)
  115. Fram(4)
  116. Franklin(9)
  117. Galbreath(5)
  118. Gehl(3)
  119. Genie(1)
  120. Glencoe(2)
  121. Grove(62)
  122. GWHO(1)
  123. Hanna(6)
  124. Harsh Mfg(3)
  125. HB(32)
  126. Heil(205)
  127. HIAB(26)
  128. Husky Brute(15)
  129. Hyco(354)
  130. Hydro Line(280)
  131. Hyundai(2)
  132. Hyva(12)
  133. Ingersoll Rand(26)
  134. International Baler(13)
  135. International Harvester(225)
  136. JCB(223)
  137. JLG(105)
  138. John Deere(914)
  139. Johnson(13)
  140. Kal(1)
  141. Kalmar(1)
  142. KDM(1)
  143. KH(5)
  144. Kobelco(424)
  145. Koehring(15)
  146. Kubota(40)
  147. KY(1)
  148. LAC(2)
  149. Leach(18)
  150. LGH(6)
  151. LH(3)
  152. Linde(41)
  153. Link Belt(14)
  154. Lorain(13)
  155. Mailhot(502)
  156. Marion(7)
  157. Massey Ferguson(54)
  158. Meyer(21)
  159. Miller(374)
  160. Model(2)
  161. Monarch Road Machinery(5)
  162. Napa(4)
  163. New Holland(142)
  164. NPK(2)
  165. Ortman(9)
  166. P H Cranes(6)
  167. Pak Mor(8)
  168. Parker(567)
  169. Peabody Galion(29)
  170. Peerless(1)
  171. Perfection Cobey(46)
  172. Prentice(249)
  173. Red Lion(6)
  174. Reynolds(26)
  175. Royal(36)
  176. Samsung(4)
  177. Sevcon(1)
  178. Sheffer(101)
  179. Skyjack(2)
  180. Snorkel(7)
  181. Steinbock(14)
  182. Strato Lift(1)
  183. Sumitomo(5)
  184. Takeuchi(103)
  185. Tamrock(3)
  186. Terex(416)
  187. Thombert(5)
  188. Tigercat(1)
  189. Timberjack(57)
  190. Tompkins Johnson(13)
  191. Towmotor(91)
  192. Unicarriers(9)
  193. Up Right(4)
  194. Vickers(194)
  195. Volvo(1972)
  196. Ward(27)
  197. Wire Works(1)
  198. Wix(4)
  199. Yan Mar(6)
  200. Yutani(24)
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Pallet Jack Replacement Wheels

Table of Contents

Different types of pallet jack wheels
Factors consider for buying pallet jack replacement wheels
Pallet jack wheels safety
Why choose Pallet Jackson to buy pallet jack replacement wheels?


Pallet jack wheels are designed to provide easy maneuverability and efficient loading/unloading of pallets or other materials. They come in many different sizes, the most common being 6”, 8”, and 10” in diameter. The larger the wheel, the easier it is to move palletized products over uneven surfaces.

Different types of pallet jack wheels

The wheels on pallet jacks are made from various materials, such as plastic, steel, rubber, and polyurethane. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks that must be considered when selecting wheels for a particular application.

Plastic wheels

These wheels are lightweight and often the most cost-effective option.

Steel wheels

These wheels offer higher durability and load capacity but may be more expensive.

Rubber wheels

These wheels provide good maneuverability along with excellent cushioning of loads.

Solid rubber wheels

They are typically used in applications that require a softer, shock-absorbing wheel. They are ideal for applications where the pallet jack is used on uneven terrain or over rough surfaces.

Semi-pneumatic wheels

These wheels offer a combination of benefits from polyurethane and solid rubber wheels, providing the user with better maneuverability and cushioning from small bumps and shocks.

Polyurethane wheels

These wheels are the most durable and have superior shock absorption; however, they can be pricey.

pallet jack type
Pallet Jack types

Choosing the right wheel for the job is essential for smooth pallet handling.

Factors consider for buying pallet jack replacement wheels

It is important to consider all available options when purchasing or replacing wheels to find the best solution for the specific application needs. These materials are available to accommodate different terrain and load requirements. Different wheel materials also provide various levels of wear resistance, durability, and cushioning. 

When selecting the right type of wheels for your application, consider all available options to find the best solution. No matter the wheel you choose, regularly inspect and maintain your pallet jacks for optimal performance.

  • Inspections should include checking the wheels and axles for any signs of damage or wear and tear.
  • Additionally, these wheels must be periodically greased or lubricated to reduce friction and ensure proper operation.
  • Finally, replacing these wheels worn or damaged is an important preventative measure for safe pallet handling.

With the right wheel choice and regular maintenance, you can keep your pallets moving without a hitch!

The selection process should begin with assessing the terrain where the pallet jack will be used and the load that needs to be moved. Different wheel materials are rated for different capacities, so it is important to select the right wheel type for the job. 

Additionally, certain applications may require or benefit from a specific wheel material, such as in wet environments where corrosion-resistant wheels provide superior performance.

Pallet jack wheels safety

When it comes to pallet jacks, safety always comes first.

  • Always follow pallet jack guidelines and use the right wheel for your specific application.
  • With careful selection and proper maintenance, wheels can help you move pallets safely and efficiently.

Choose the right wheel and enjoy smooth pallet movement today!

  • Please note that pallet jacks should only be operated by trained personnel and regularly inspected to ensure safe operation.
  • Additionally, wheels should be manageable and only be used on flat surfaces.
  • Finally, pallet jack users must always wear the appropriate protective equipment to prevent injury.



Why choose Pallet Jackson to buy pallet jack replacement wheels?

When choosing a supplier for pallet jack replacement wheels, Pallet Jackson stands out as the top choice. We offer a wide selection of high-quality products at competitive prices, and our commitment to customer service ensures you will get the best value for your money. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the exact product and answer any questions.

We also provide a secure online checkout process and fast shipping to get your pallet jack parts quickly and easily. With Pallet Jackson, you can be assured that you are getting the best quality products at the lowest price. Why choose anyone else? Shop with us today for all of your pallet jack parts needs.


Selecting the right wheel for your specific application is important for safe pallet handling. With various materials, it’s easy to find the wheel that’s right for you.

Always regularly inspect and maintain pallet jacks, use the appropriate wheel for your specific application, and follow safety guidelines when operating pallet jacks.

With the right wheel choice and regular maintenance, you can keep your pallets moving without a hitch!

Please consult your manufacturer or supplier for more information on pallet jack safety. Thank you for choosing wheels for your pallet jack needs!


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