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Bishamon Pallet Jack Parts
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Bishamon Pallet Jack Parts

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. About Bishamon Material Handling Company
  3. Bishamon Pallet Jacks - An Overview of the Models
  4. Bishamon Pallet Jack Parts List & their Specifications
  5. Bishamon Pallet Jack Parts Repair Manual
  6. Pallet Jackson: #1 Retailer of Bishamon Pallet Jack Replacement Parts in the United States


As an eminent material handling equipment manufacturer, Bishamon Material Handling Company stands out for its high-quality pallet jacks. These versatile machines are designed to easily lift and transport palletized loads, making them an essential asset in warehouses, distribution centers, and various other industrial environments where the efficient movement of goods is paramount. 

This article delves into various Bishamon pallet jack models, providing an all-encompassing guide. From detailed specifications to comprehensive parts inventory, we've got you covered. We comprehend the significance of keeping your equipment pristine and present a thorough repair manual and installation guide. With our assistance, you can effectively restore and sustain your pallet jack, keeping it in top-notch condition for years to come. Besides, we at Pallet Jackson pride ourselves on providing high-quality and reliable parts for all your needs. So, keep reading to learn about them!

Bishamon Pallet Jack Parts
Bishamon Pallet Jack Parts

About Bishamon Material Handling Company

Bishamon Material Handling Company is at the forefront of the industry as a premier producer of pallet jacks, otherwise referred to as pallet trucks. Within material handling equipment, pallet jacks reign supreme, as they can elevate and transport palletized loads easily, making them an indispensable asset to warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial facilities.


Established in Japan in 1948 as a modest welding shop, Bishamon has come a long way since its inception. The 1960s saw the company's pivot towards manufacturing hydraulic lifts for trucks and buses, a move that catapulted its growth. As the 70s dawned, Bishamon entered the realm of pallet jack production, with its debut models making waves in Japan. In a bid to expand its footprint globally, the company set its sights on exporting its products to various nations, eventually establishing its US subsidiary in 1987.

Global Expansion

Bishamon, a worldwide enterprise, spans various continents such as North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond. The company boasts production plants in Japan, China, and the United States, while maintaining sales offices and distribution hubs throughout numerous countries globally. Bishamon's versatile product line caters to an extensive range of industries, from manufacturing and warehousing to logistics and transportation.

Recent Technological Advancements

Over the years, Bishamon has consistently strived to push the boundaries of innovation in its pallet jack products, constantly integrating cutting-edge technologies and features to enhance their performance, safety, and usability. Bishamon's unrelenting pursuit of progress has resulted in a multitude of recent technological advancements within their pallet jack line, such as:

  • Electric Power: Bishamon has revolutionized the concept of pallet jacks by introducing a series of electric-powered variants that surpass their traditional manual counterparts in terms of efficacy and user-friendliness. With a single click of a button, these electric pallet jacks provide unparalleled maneuverability and precision, making them a game-changer in the industry.
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries: Bishamon's electric pallet jacks come equipped with lithium-ion batteries, known for delivering extended operational hours and quicker charging than conventional lead-acid batteries. These batteries boast an eco-friendlier profile and necessitate minimal upkeep, setting them apart from their lead-acid counterparts.
  • Ergonomic Design: Bishamon prioritizes ergonomic design in their pallet jacks to mitigate the likelihood of operator exhaustion and harm. Their pallet jacks integrate various ergonomic characteristics, such as adjustable handles and comfortable grips, which enhance user comfort and convenience.
  • Safety Features: These pallet jacks come equipped with an array of safety features that ensure the safety of both the operator and the load being moved. These safety features include overload protection, emergency stop buttons, and anti-roll-back mechanisms, all working harmoniously to provide comprehensive safety measures.

Bishamon Pallet Jacks - An Overview of the Models 

The Bishamon pallet jack has become an indispensable material handling tool, ubiquitous in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers worldwide. Its ability to easily maneuver heavy loads of varying shapes and sizes has made it an essential component of modern logistics operations. Regardless of the cargo, from bulky crates to hefty pallets, the Bishamon pallet jack offers an ideal solution. Its advanced hydraulic system, superior construction, and intuitive design have earned it a top spot in the material handling industry, earning the trust of professionals worldwide.

Bishamon's Blue Label BS Series, one of the most popular collections of pallet jacks, offers effortless and seamless material handling, accommodating weights ranging from 2500 pounds to 6,500 pounds. What sets these pallet trucks apart is the robust frame that ensures their longevity and the hydraulic pump that works quietly and efficiently. The BS Series has safety features, such as a neutral position safety lever that prevents unintentional motion upon handle release and an overload bypass valve that protects the hydraulic system from harm. Moreover, the trucks boast an ergonomic handle, minimizing operator weariness and heightening their overall efficiency.

Bishamon Pallet Jack Models
Bishamon Pallet Jack Parts

Check out the Bishamon's Blue Label BS Series of pallet jacks, including their capacity, fork dimensions, lifting capacity, and ship weight in the table below: 

Model Capacity Overall Fork Dimensions Length x Width Fork Height Lowered Fork Height Raised Approx. Ship Weight
BS-55A 5,500 lbs. 48 x 27.0 in. 2.9 in. 7.8 in. 217 lbs.
BS-55B 5,500 lbs. 42 x 27.0 in. 2.9 in. 7.8 in. 215 lbs.
BS-55C 5,500 lbs. 36 x 27.0 in. 2.9 in. 7.8 in. 205 lbs.
BS-55D 5,500 lbs. 32 x 27.0 in. 2.9 in. 7.8 in. 198 lbs.
BS-55E 5,500 lbs. 48 x 20.5 in. 2.9 in. 7.8 in. 198 lbs.
BS-55F 5,500 lbs. 42 x 20.5 in. 2.9 in. 7.8 in. 190 lbs.
BS-55G 5,500 lbs. 36 x 20.5 in. 2.9 in. 7.8 in. 182 lbs.
BS-55H 5,500 lbs. 32 x 20.5 in. 2.9 in. 7.8 in. 174 lbs.
BS-25A 2,500 lbs. 48 x 27.0 in. 2.0 in. 5.5 in. 203 lbs.
BS-65A 6,500 lbs. 48 x 27.0 in. 3.3 in. 8.0 in. 281 lbs.

Bishamon Pallet Jack Parts List & their Specifications

With its robust and dependable design, the Bishamon pallet jack has become a staple in numerous industries for transporting materials. A thorough understanding of its parts and specifications is imperative to guarantee its seamless operation. Here is a detailed breakdown of the Bishamon pallet jack parts list:

Frame Parts

The Bishamon pallet jack's frame parts are designed to endure hefty loads and ensure stability while moving goods. These parts include the handle, handle grip, frame assembly, push rod, load wheel, and caster wheel.

Bishamon Pallet Jack Frame and Chassis Parts
Bishamon Pallet Jack Frame and Chassis Parts


The pallet jack's handle enables the user to guide and manage the load's movement. Constructed from robust steel material, the handle imbues the pallet jack with strength and stability, enhancing its overall functionality.

Handle Grip

A rubber coating covers the Bishamon's pallet jack handle, providing a comfortable and secure grip for the user. By doing so, the handle grip enables the user to control the pallet jack while maneuvering it. 

Frame Assembly 

The main body of the pallet jack, comprising of the handle, push rod, load wheels, and caster wheels, forms the frame assembly. The frame assembly is constructed from top-grade steel and guarantees exceptional durability and an extended lifespan.


A pallet jack's foremost and imperative component is its forks, which enable lifting and transporting loads across different areas. The Bishamon pallet jack boasts high-grade steel forks engineered to bear heavy loads with remarkable proficiency.

Load Backrest

The backrest is crucial in ensuring the safe handling of loads, effectively preventing backward tipping. Crafted from sturdy steel, the Bishamon Pallet Jack's load backrest has been engineered to deliver optimal protection against such mishaps.

Load Wheel

The Bishamon pallet jack relies on the load wheel, an indispensable component that upholds the load's stability during conveyance. It is crafted from robust polyurethane material; the load wheel guarantees prolonged existence and steadfastness against physical attrition.


The pallet jack's forks incorporate rollers positioned at the front and rear ends to optimize the effortless transport of the load. Fabricated with superior-grade components, the rollers integrated within the Bishamon pallet jack exhibit exceptional resilience and robustness, guaranteeing their dependability.

Push Rod

The pallet jack's push rod is essential, enabling the operator to easily raise and lower the load. It comprises a sturdy steel material that can withstand substantial weight and pressure, ensuring high durability and reliability of the mechanism

Caster Wheel

The pallet jack's mobility and maneuverability are attributed to including the caster wheel, a crucial component in transportation. The caster wheel guarantees exceptional robustness and resiliency to withstand the effects of wear and tear, as well as impact forces

Hydraulic Parts

The elevation and depression of the payload in the Bishamon pallet jack are managed by its hydraulic components, which comprise a hydraulic pump, seal kit, lift cylinder, release valve, control lever, control valve, and hydraulic fluid, each playing a critical role in the pallet jack's lifting operation.

Bishamon Pallet Jack Hydraulic Parts
Bishamon Pallet Jack Hydraulic Parts

Hydraulic Pump

As the cornerstone of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic pump generates the necessary pressure to lift the load. The pump incorporates top-notch materials that guarantee exceptional efficiency and endurance, ensuring optimal performance throughout its lifespan.

Seal Kit

The seal kit comprises a comprehensive array of gaskets, O-rings, and seals engineered to impede the seepage of hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic system. Its construction is meticulously crafted from premium-grade materials, attesting to its superior efficacy and durability.

Lift Cylinder

The Bishamon's pallet jack hydraulic system's pivotal element for load elevation and descent is the lift cylinder, which boasts robustness and longevity due to its heavy-duty steel construction.

Release Valve

The hydraulic system incorporates a crucial element, the release valve, which grants the operator absolute authority over the load's lifting movement. The release valve comprises premium-grade constituents, guaranteeing its optimum operational capacity and steadfastness.

Control Lever

A fundamental constituent of the Bishamon pallet jack, the control lever allows the user to manage the load's motion, utilizing mechanical advantage principles. The control lever's robust construction, fashioned from high-strength materials, guarantees exceptional durability and prolonged service life.

Control Valve

The control valve manages the hydraulic lift cylinder's fluid flow, a vital component of the hydraulic system, regulating the system's pressure and directing the flow rate.

Hydraulic Fluid

The hydraulic system employs fluid to generate the necessary force for elevating the weight. The fluid exhibits properties of consistent viscosity, enduring stability, and remarkable resistance to oxidative degradation.

Electrical Parts

The proper functioning of the Bishamon pallet jack relies heavily on its electrical components, which power the motor, regulate the pallet jack's velocity and direction, and ensure its secure operation.

Bishamon Pallet Jack Electrical Parts
Bishamon Pallet Jack Electrical Parts

Drive Motor

A potent drive motor enables the Bishamon's pallet jack's motion, supplying vital energy to the hydraulic pump to lift or lower the loads. With a voltage classification of 24V and maximum output power of 1.5KW, the motor functions at its best.


The motor of the pallet jack heavily depends on the battery. For the Bishamon Pallet Jack, a lithium-ion battery with 24V and 85Ah is installed. It can sustain continuous operations for numerous hours, powering the equipment effectively.


The charger is an indispensable accessory for replenishing the battery's energy. Accompanying the Bishamon pallet jack is a 24V, 20A automatic charger designed to guarantee quick and effective charging with its advanced technology.

Wiring Harness

A pallet jack's electrical components are connected through a wiring harness consisting of wires and cables. Bishamon Pallet Jack's wiring harness, crafted from superior-grade materials, exhibits exceptional robustness and dependability, affirming its longevity. 

Control Board

The control board of a pallet jack serves as the central processing unit of its electrical system, responsible for executing critical tasks such as regulating the motor's velocity, tracking the battery's charge level, and governing various other essential functions. Bishamon's control board represents an advanced, sturdy technology that guarantees efficient and accurate maneuverability. 


Switches play a vital role in the operation of pallet jacks by facilitating the equipment's activation and deactivation, controlling the motor's velocity, and executing other critical functions. The switches' intuitive design ensures uncomplicated operation and guarantees exceptional dependability, making them indispensable components of the pallet jack system.


Fuses serve as indispensable safety mechanisms, safeguarding electrical systems against the perils of overloading or short-circuiting, thereby ensuring operational integrity. Their design parameters incorporate resilience to endure even the most rigorous industrial environments.

Bishamon Pallet Jack Parts Repair Manual

The Bishamon pallet jack parts repair manual offers a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the operational aspects of pallet jack components. This repair manual is pivotal in enabling users to fathom the nuances of pallet jack functionality and pinpoint and rectify malfunctioning parts. Furthermore, it encompasses crucial safety instructions and preventive measures that users must adhere to during pallet jack servicing or maintenance. The Bishamon pallet jack parts repair manual constitutes a priceless resource for technicians and maintenance personnel, empowering them to diagnose issues, determine the correct replacement components, and effectively effectuate repairs or substitutions.

Please refer to the attached PDF to thoroughly understand the topic at hand.

Pallet Jackson: #1 Retailer of Bishamon Pallet Jack Replacement Parts in the United States

Pallet Jackson has established itself as a highly regarded supplier of Bishamon Pallet Jack replacement components in the United States, owing to a variety of factors. There are numerous reasons why Pallet Jackson has risen to the top of the list of retailers for these products, including its commitment to high-quality parts and exceptional customer service.

At the forefront, Pallet Jackson offers an extensive range of replacement components for Bishamon Pallet Jacks. Thus, customers can conveniently locate the precise part they require to restore their pallet jack without the hassle of scouring numerous outlets or online platforms.

With its unbeatable pricing, Pallet Jackson ensures customers receive high-quality replacement parts at a fair rate. This promise has propelled them to the top of the leaderboard as the leading retailer of Bishamon Pallet Jack replacement parts in the United States, earning trust and loyalty from their customers.

Pallet Jackson prides itself on offering nothing but top-tier replacement parts. Rest assured, when you buy from Pallet Jackson; you purchase components built to last. With our parts, your pallet jacks will enjoy an extended lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

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